I only intend that, somehow, my music will leave something good and beautiful in people.
— Bino Barros -

Bino Barros is a singer, songwriter, and a composer who was born in 1975 on the island of Santiago, Cabo Verde. His soulful sound of Funana and Batuko has made him an international success with hits like "Raseca", "Stribling D' NhaNha" "Tudu Fidjo Creole" and "Pico Belen Santana". Bino comes from family of music. His grandfather and uncle were both musicians. Their blessings were passed down to him, and took Bino to where he is today.  Bino was also musically exposed at his mother's bar, where the greatest local musicians performed. A storyteller by heart, Bino believes that it is important to laugh and enjoy the best of life.

When Bino was 13 years old, his mother gave him his first guitar, which is his instrument of work today.  Since then he has formed several bands: Freedom, Faisca and Gumbe, and a show called Canta Praia, where youth come to show off their musical talents. His musical Godmother is the legend Cesaria Evora "Queen of Morna" 


In 2010, Bino won the Revelation Artist Award at Cabo Verde Music Awards, with his first solo album "Praia Baxu" Stribling D'NhaNha. In 2015, his second album Praia Maria was nominated album of the year at Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA). He appeared as a guest star on a tribute to late pioneer of Morna "Bana"in Lisbon.  He was chosen personally by the diva "Cesaria Evora" as his Godmother of Music. 

In 2011 and 2012, Bino was appointed representative of African music in Catalonia, Spain.   

Bino’s third album "Campones" is due to be released Spring of 2018 and will be recorded with no other than Master Kim Alves.