A Semana interview June 2011

Bino Barros has just been on the cover of a very prestigious magazine in France, "Lusomag TV", which devotes its previous edition to Cesária Évora. Barros shows his pride in being able to take his country to the highest level through his music.

The interview begins with presenting Bino Barros - "Revelation Award" from Cabo Verde Music Awards is the voice that appeases any heart and leads us to dream of Paradise. A mixture of love, joy and happiness, sung with a sublime feeling.

It remains to be said that we are waiting impatiently for your show.

Did your childhood and your roots influence your career?

Certainly! I come from a family of musicians, my grandfather and my uncle were musicians and my mother had a bar where there was always live music. One day, it started to awaken something within me in relation to music. And at the age of 13 I received a guitar from my mother, which would be my instrument of work today.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a musician?

After I began to dedicate myself to music, I saw that it was my biggest dream; to be able to live in music and travel all over the world, taking my roots, my culture, through it.

Who are your idols? What is / was your true support?

All of us musicians have idols. I've always listened to a bit of everything, and a lot of Cape Verdean music. I love many artists, but I identify with two in particular: Tito Paris and Master Bana. With the first one, for its beautiful songs and for the modern way that Cape Verdean music leads to the highest world level. Already Bana, the pioneer of morna, I admire him as a person, for his great sympathy. I had the honor of being part of one of the honors made to him in Lisbon, in the company of great Cape Verdean artists.

As for my support, I could not fail to mention my family, especially my mother. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles I encountered in my walk through music, she always believed that one day I could see my work recognized. So thank God, and my dear mother!

Your first solo album was"Praia Baxu"? What is the meaning of this name?

This album is the culmination of two years of work, research and much dedication. All this, so that it reached the market and I can show my traditional roots, with all the influences that I had during those years that I lived outside Cape Verde, where I had opportunity to know the music of the world. My goal is both simple and very complex, because it requires not only the talent but also opportunities for, through my songs, to take to the world a little of this paradise called Cape Verde. The name of the album is a tribute to my mother and the place where she was born and I lived a long time during my childhood. It's the best name I could have given to my first musical creature, as well as being a memento that Titina (my mother's name) will keep all her life is a thank you for everything she did to get me here.

How do you describe your musical style?

I play traditional Cape Verde music, because I carry my roots with me. Of course, the music is modernized and I am impregnating influences from other styles like jazz, Brazilian music, African music .... In my musical trajectory I met lots of good people, but there is always something to know. For me, this something arrived with my percussionist, music producer, 'manager', friend and companion of many moments: Alan Sousa. A very well known musician in Brazil, where he played with great names in Brazilian music as BANDA EVA, NETINHO, DANIELA MERCURY, CHEIRO DE AMOR ... Today, besides working with me, Alan Sousa plays with the folk musician known around the world: Carlos Nuñez. I can say that I am well accompanied.

What song in your album has the most meaning to you?

All the songs have an interesting meaning because I speak of the everyday life of Cape Verdeans, that is, of simple things, completing with more important themes such as love, friendship, immigration, youth in difficult times of Cape Verde, and with my life experiences

What feeling do you want to show in your music?

I only intend that, somehow, my music will leave something good and beautiful in people. When I get a message on facebook, or when, after some show someone approaches and says, "Thank you for making me a little happier today." It's fantastic. Because I want to transmit Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness. Make people enjoy my songs to the fullest.

You have already had the pleasure of sharing the stage with renowned artists. How do you feel now?

I had this opportunity and it was an indescribable moment! For me the homage to the great Bana was beautiful and unforgettable, because sharing the stage with artists such as Tito Paris, Celina Pereira, Dany Silva, Leonel Almeida, Morgadinho, Rita Lobo, Alma de Coimbra and Mayra Andrade is priceless.


Bino Barros