Praia Maria’ Encounters a More Mature Bino Barros

Bino Barros will release his second album “Praia Maria” this Friday. This album, which is released seven years after the first, reflects a more mature and prepared Bino Barros.

The choice of the album name was not in vain. "Praia Maria" is a tribute "to Praia, Cape Verde and to all Cape Verdeans" according to Bino Barros, who dedicates many of his songs as tributes. Bino’s first album, "Baxo Beach" released in 2010, was dedicated to his mother and her people, who are from the Santiago locality.

Bino spent about a year and a half preparing "Maria Beach" beside the "great music producer," Frenchman Mathieu Eskenazi. “Praia Maria” will feature ten musical tracks, and despite being a more mature work, it "does not go very far to the originality Bino Barros", he assures.

Bino Barros is considered a huge proponent of traditional Cape Verdean music, however he is not afraid to include other cultures. Bino currently plays with foreign musicians such as Algerians, Brazilians and French. Influences from these cultures are reflected in his songs.

"My style is a mix of traditional Cape Verdean music (Batuco, Funaná Finasson) with Funk, Bossa Nova ...", he says.

In addition to the participation of foreign musicians, "Praia Maria" has the collaboration of the Cape Verdean singer Ló, who was recorded in Europe.

The album inspired by the capital conveys, according to the author, values peace, love, friendship, and mirrors the daily life of Cape Verde through the ten compositions, all of his own.

Bino Barros